New World update 1.0.3 Transfer and other news

New World update 1.0.3 Transfer and other news

The developers have released another update for their game New World under the number 1.0.3. You will learn what’s new in this update in this article.

Added character transfer function! The new title “The Stoic”, the free emotion “Waiting”, as well as various technical bugs. T4-T5 azoth stuff fixed.

Since the character transfer feature is brand new, for safety, it will be introduced in stages. After the technical work is completed, the transfer of characters will be available on the Utopia server. Developers will be keeping a close eye on the migrations on this server, and if something unusual happens, the team will need intervention. If there are no problems after 8 hours, the transfer will be available in all regions.


  • You need to enter the game world.
  • A new tab with a character transfer token will appear in the game store.
  • You need to leave your company.
  • You need to delete all active orders to sell and buy Trading Post.
  • Your character must be in a sanctuary (for example, in a settlement or outpost).


  • You will save all the progression of the character (level, skill of weapons, skills, etc.).
  • You’ll save your inventory and storage.
  • You will save all your currency.
  • You will keep your homes and home decorations.
  • You will save all the progress of quests.


  • Membership in your company must be terminated before transfer and will not be transferred.
  • Active sell and buy orders to Trading Post must be deleted and will not be transferred.
  • Your friends list depends on the world and will not be transferred.


You can move your character to any world in your region except:

  • You can’t move your character into a “filled” world.
  • You can’t move your character into the world during the maintenance phase.
  • You can’t move your character to a set of worlds that already has an existing character.


An additional token will be required to re-transfer. The development team will continue to monitor the population of the worlds, the time of queues and will assess the need for free issuance of an additional wave of character transfer tokens. Once they are sure that players have had enough time to find the right server for them, they will later make the character transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. Developers will notify in advance when the tokens will switch to a paid basis.

, New World update 1.0.3 Transfer and other news


  • The last parts of the character transfer platform have been implemented.
  • Added improvements to the world selection interface.
  • Added a clearer message when a player is thrown out due to switching to AFK or violating the EAC.
  • Added clearer messages when there are folded discounts, such as the position on the territory and discounts of the faction on real estate taxes.
  • Added internal changes to help the team investigate issues related to customer performance during wars.
  • Adjusted respawn timer on Boatswain Ambrose and various other elite enemies around the world.
  • In The Depths, players now have to be in the arena to defeat Thorpe.
  • An error message now appears when players try to buy their own items in the Trading Post.
  • Cancelled the box/loot change since update 1.0.2, which caused too many reagents to fall out of the chests.
  • Adjusted the volume on the Amazon Games screensaver.
  • Added general performance improvements for visual effects and graphics settings.
  • Dyes are now removed from items when trading with a warning message.
  • The Time to Declare War timer now visually pauses so that it is clear when an invasion is imminent but not yet planned. The territory remains in a state of conflict after the invasions, and war can be declared.



  • Fixed problems with T4 and T5 azoth stuffs — close high-level portals!
  • Fixed an issue that led to the saving of the notification of the cancellation of the event.
  • Fixed the problem with the interface of housing. The user interface will now correctly show that property taxes are taxed at the full price of the home and are independent of the home buyer’s discount for the first time.
  • Fixed various localization issues throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where not all items for Town Projects were consumed when the mission ended.
  • Fixed login errors that prevented players from accessing their character.
  • Fixed an issue where Arena keys were not discarded properly.
  • Fixed an issue where runic Bear armor was not properly colored during wars.
  • Fixed the problem with pets. Pets placed in an empty house now remain at home after the player logs out, instead of returning the pet to the player’s inventory.
  • AP Southeast servers now display the correct time zone in the game.
  • Fixed the problem with the names – the names and achievements of players are now displayed properly, and the achievements tab is correctly updated when a new achievement is received.
  • Fixed an issue where company invitations were retained after rejection/acceptance.
  • Fixed an issue where holding and dragging a client in windowed mode resulted in permanent immortality.
  • Fixed a bug due to which taxes did not go to the treasury of the controlling company.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the duration of the fine for suspension from classes and prohibitions reported “More than a year ago”.
  • Fixed problems with companies that do not receive some taxes on their territory.


The following fixes are preliminary fixes: The goal of developers is to make these changes and see if the issues persist. So that they can continue to work on them and consider them in a future update if necessary.

  • Work on fixing an issue that started Wars and Invasions earlier than planned.
  • Work to address an issue that doesn’t have all settlement stations updated properly when city projects are completed.
  • Players should no longer get stuck entering or leaving the expedition. If the player reconnects and his character is dead, a respawn screen opens with respawn options available. Players who are currently stuck should contact customer service to have their character moved.
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, New World update 1.0.3 Transfer and other news