Transfer a character to another server in New World and criticize players

Transfer a character to another server in New World and criticize players

The developers shared information about how the new feature of transferring the character to New World will work. And when it becomes available.

How do I transfer my character?

  • Go into the game on your character.
  • In the game store there will be a new section where you can take a token for the transfer of the character.
  • You need to get out of the clan.
  • It is necessary to cancel all trading orders at auctions.
  • The character must be in a safe area (city).
  • Go to the choice of the character and in the character options (3 dots to the right of the name) select a new server.
, Transfer a character to another server in New World and criticize players

What is saved during the transfer

  • All the progress of the character (level, possession of weapons, titles, etc.).
  • Faction,rank in faction, factional tokens.
  • All items in inventory and warehouses.
  • All currencies.
  • Houses and decorations in houses.
  • All the progress of all quests.

What is not saved during the transfer

  • Clan membership.
  • Active bids at auctions.
  • A list of friends from the previous server.

Where you can’t move a character

  • To a server in a different region.
  • To a crowded .
  • To the server on which technical work is currently being carried out.
  • To a server in a group (cluster) that you already have a character.

If the server is confused

– If you made a mistake with the server during the transfer, then the repeated transfer will require the use of another token (taken in the game store). The administration will monitor the situation on the servers and, if necessary, give the possibility of a free transfer additionally.
– In the future, transfer tokens will be available in the game store on a paid basis. The transition to the paid option will be announced separately and in advance.

The developers know that the transfer of characters is very much expected, and work hard to provide the best quality. Thank you for your patience and hope that transfers will be available next week. The team is working this and will continue until it is done qualitatively.

Community criticism of Amazon Games

The entire gaming community has come out with criticism of Amazon Games after the statement that the character in New World will not be transferred to ANY server, as promised earlier.

Popular streamer Asmongold wrote on Twitter:

I can’t move my character into a full world?
The only reason I chose a server with a low level of popularity was because I was promised that I would be able to switch to play with friends later.
I feel like I’ve been lured into a game on a dead server and now I’m stuck there.


Other people’s tweets:

We are waiting for what the developers will answer.
What do you think? Will the developers still give the opportunity to transfer the character to any server?

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, Transfer a character to another server in New World and criticize players